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Fleet Line Markers announces record sales!

Fleet Line Markers is proud to announce record sales of BeamRider over the past 4 months: The only laser guided, automated line marking machine in the World. July 2017 saw the largest number of sales in a single month since launching.

Despite the machine being in production for over 9 years, the BeamRider still leaves potential customers in ore, when they witness the creation of arrow straight lines in just a matter of seconds. 

A recent peak in sales has been partly due to several new key features, including a removable docking battery that increases usage by 50%, together with an 80psi high pressure pump coupled with an adjustable pressure manifold for a greater range of application; meaning Grounds Staff can quickly adjust to any surface at any time.

Iain McGuffie, Managing Director of Fleet Line Markers confirmed, “The BeamRider remains one of Fleet Line Markers greatest creations – offering users an innovative, quality line marking machine that guarantees perfectly straight lines time after time.

“Our recent record sales of the laser-guided machine demonstrates that more and more users are looking for a hassle-free line marking solution that ensures excellent results on areas vast or small. Here at Fleet Line Markers, we would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued to support and are in no doubt they will thoroughly enjoy the use of BeamRider for years to come!”

Fleet Line Markers is the most innovative manufacturer of line marking paint and machines within the sector, boasting an in-house production team that continuously develops each system for the benefit of its customers.

The BeamRider will remain a key project for Fleet Line Markers for coming months, with a new body facelift planned for the machine… So watch this space!

For more information about the BeamRider or to book a machine demonstration, please contact a member of our Sales Team on 01684 573 535.